August 3, 2012

fall lust

If you're like me, you probably start fall shopping when it's still 100 degrees outside. I let stuff sit in my closet for months, but I don't care -- I love fall more than any other season. I've comprised a list of my most wanted items. We'll call it "pre-fall," as I know this list will keep growing before September even gets here.

Creatures of the Wind Psychedelic Oxfords- J.Crew

Saw these in the catalog and fell in love. They're out of control and kooky '70s, but I absolutely adore them. Can we also talk for a second about Creatures of the Wind doing a line with J.Crew? So great. 

Buckled Trifecta Flats- Anthropologie

I saw these on Natalie Off Duty's Instagram page. They remind me so much of the bondage-esque Vivienne Westwood Mary-Janes that Alexa Chung was wearing for so long. These are a little more dainty, but they're so cute.

Quilted leather jacket- Zara

I love a leather jacket like nothing else. I have a few with quilted details on the arms or the back, but this one is amazing because it's all over quilted. Something that certainly a Roitfeld would wear.

Leather Overalls- Free People

I have been obsessed with overalls lately, so when I saw these vegan leather ones, I about died. Such a perfect fall piece (or any season, really). Just add some tights for cold weather!

BDG Polka Dot Chambray- Urban Outfitters

A fun twist on a classic chambray (which I have way too many of). Polka dots are always a great addition. 

Legacy Colorblock Duffle- Coach

Okay, so I'll just say it: I hate Coach most of the time. It's not my fault; every single person owns the horrible logo bags, and as a result, I've come to associate Coach with all things gross and unfashionable. HOWEVER, we should not forget that they have their roots in amazing leather bags. Great leather was their bread and butter originally, and they do a lovely classic bag when it's not plastered in a million Cs. When I saw this bag, I fell in love. The style is great, the colorblocking is gorgeous. I can admit it: I love a Coach bag. 

Petty Leopard boot- Sam Edelman 

I've wanted these since last fall, and I never bought them. When I finally had the money to get them, they were sold out just about everywhere. This year, I'm definitely purchasing these. A perfect boot, and obviously my list would not be complete without a leopard piece. 

Happy Pre-Fall!


metal tip collar

Necklace- Vanessa Mooney
Leopard flats- Target
Sunnies- Prada

It's been awhile! Sorry about that. I saw a metal tip collar blouse at Zara and fell in love. Just when I was about to bite the bullet and spend money I don't have on it, Urban got their version. I love it. Such a simple, unique detail. 

I took this picture outside of work. Locked my keys in my car again, so I decided to capture my outfit in my waiting for the spare keys to arrive.