January 8, 2015

public school pre-fall 2015

This has become one of my new favorite designers. They're killing it, especially with those zip-front flatform boots. 

proenza schouler pre-fall 2015

I can't wait to try mixing plaids. I'm doing it. 

3.1 phillip lim pre-fall 2015

alexander wang pre-fall 2015

Thank you for not being AS athletic this time. I love the integration of stripes, zippers and more feminine elements like silks and slip dresses to offset the toughness. LOVE. 

January 2, 2015

the year of feyonce

It's been just about forever since I've updated. Holy crazy 2014. I got a new job as an editor/writer at Hayneedle. I also got engaged! It's been an absolutely beautiful last few months, with lots of changes and better things that have fallen into my life. I'm hoping to have more time to blog and revamp a few things on here. The engagement was just last week (day before Christmas Eve) and my ring was absolutely stunning. It was exactly the way I designed it, but I had no idea he bought it for me.

I hope this will be helpful to anyone who is considering an "alternative" style engagement ring. I was inspired by unique jewelry shops such as Goldsmith/Silversmith here in Omaha as well as Alexis Bittar, Aurelie Bidermann, and blanca monros gomez. I chose a black diamond for the center stone, and a double halo with a combination of rose gold and platinum with pave diamonds along the side. Such a ring didn't exist, but they made it for me!

Worth mentioning since there's such an extreme close-up: nail polish is Marc Jacobs in 'Le Charm.'


Happy New Year!

I had a very hard time deciding, first of all, if I even wanted to get married. We had talked about it for awhile, and in other relationships, I never wanted marriage. In fact, I despised the idea and wrote it off altogether. All I wanted was to get through school, get a job in writing or fashion (or both, duh), and have many animals. The very idea of marriage is patriarchal (to me) and unnecessary. However, after meeting the right person, I can honestly say I've come around to it. I think that marriage can be whatever you want it to be, and when it's with someone who respects you, it doesn't have to be anti-feminist at all. Obviously, we're not married yet, and we don't plan to be for awhile, but I've been pleasantly surprised by myself in the last year and certainly in the last week. I hope everyone's holidays were lovely!

xox Jessica