November 27, 2010

friday is the new black

I can now call myself an American. I stood in line like a jackass at midnight on November 26th in front of Gap. And for what? Well, I really wanted a pair of these glitter flats. They look like disco balls and I love them, but I wasn't about to pay 50 bucks. Really, Gap? They're well-made and the glitter doesn't come off, doomed to stick around your house and car for years and years, I'll give you that. So, with a 50% sale from midnight until 10 am, I figured I could pick up my shoes and leave in a rather simple procedure. WRONG. The lines to check out went all the way around the store within 15 minutes. I don't know what I expected.

I've been really disappointed in Gap for a long time now. The designs are lackluster, and for lack of a better word, everything is...well, boring. Gap has always been on the more conservative side and plain is what they aim for, I understand, but it didn't used to suck. And the other item I really did want was a sequin skirt that they didn't even have in the store! Lame. They definitely needed this huge sale to help them out. 

But I do love my shoes. 
Color Glitter Ballet Flats

The rest of Black Friday wasn't as pathetic on my part. I got some sleep and strolled around downtown at a decent time, assured that all of the freaks had done their best to stimulate the economy and gone home. Right I was. No crowds or lines anywhere, but amazing stuff all over. I scored a vintage Chanel pendant at a boutique called Trocadero in the Old Market. And I wasn't accosted by a middle-aged soccer mom once. 

Until next year, Black Friday. 

Jessi Lou

November 24, 2010

happy thanksgiving, ya turkey

1. Grindhouse 2. Crystal Renn in French Vogue 2. American Beauty 3. Addams Family Values  4. Harmony Korine in a Marc Jacobs ad  5. Alice in Wonderland Vogue editorial  6. The Royal Tenenbaums  7. Jessica Stam for Vogue Turkey

Jessi Lou

November 21, 2010

lanvin + h&m

As if it's hard enough that Omaha doesn't have an H&M. Now H&M is collaborating with high-end Paris fashion house Lanvin for one of the most anticipated sartorial marriages of the year. The results were an incredible fashion show, a killer lookbook that virtually every blog has featured and fashion lover has drooled over, and an uber-stylish launch party. The queen of minimal chic, Sofia Coppola, was divine in a fur coat while my favorite look was Susie "Bubble" Lau's striped ribbon dress topped off with her signature bun.

One of my personal style icons, Sofia Coppola

Sofia and Anna Sui

Emma Roberts

Blogger Bryan Boy of

Blogger Susie Lau of Style Bubble

And the absolute best part? The runway looks. Seriously, I need to hop a plane or drive to a nearby H&M (Chicago, Minnesota, St. Louis). These were so inspirational and over-the-top, exceeding my expectations. If I can't own anything, I definitely plan on copying the outfits with my own pieces. And with all of the leopard, floral, and black, it shouldn't be too difficult.

Jessi Lou

November 18, 2010

best dressed: mid-november

I don't usually like what Whitney Port wears. Sorry, Whit. Every now and then, however, she hits a homerun. This is one of those times. Congratulations on being the best dressed for mid November!

So good! More like this. Dr. Martens and leopard print shorts (or skirt?) with a chunky sweater is a fantastic start.  Be more daring and I'll be more interested. 

Here are some of my other favorites.
Carey Mulligan 

Chanel Iman

Olivia Palermo

Kelly Osbourne

November 16, 2010

all that glitters

Fellow magpies will appreciate the new winter trends this year -- everything sparkles and shimmers! I'm so drawn to anything with glitter and sequins. They seem to make a comeback every year as they're the perfect attribute for the holidays.

Sequins, glitter, and shimmer look amazing during the day as well as night. Pairing them with a "masculine" item (as Blake Lively and Jenna Lyons did below) gives them a unique twist.

Blake Lively in a sparkly skirt.

Freja Beha Erichsen sparkles at Isabel Marant Fall 2010.

Kate Moss in a shimmery jumpsuit.

JCrew creative genius Jenna Lyons.

Actress Carey Mulligan. 

Deena and Ozzy Glitter Oxford
Silence and Noise High Shine Pocket Tank

Sequin Mesh Bell Skirt

Drapey Sequin Tank

Sparkle Pantyhose

November 8, 2010

"je m'appelle blair."

Spending the evening at the French Café in downtown Omaha made me long for a summer or fall spent in Paris. What would I bring? Where would I go? What would I do? What would I wear? The magical possibilities are endless. Serena and Blair from TV's Gossip Girl helped me decide. After all, they did spend a summer in (what I imagine to be) the most beautiful city in the world.

Blair and Serena stroll the streets of Paris. 

Blair knows the importance of a Chanel bag in Paris. 

Blair living my dream.

Flora Fedora, $54

Coal "The Brigitte" Hat, $100

Kensie Sequin Jacket, $128

Free People Coco Tweed Jacket, $198

Chanel Lambskin Fringe Flap Bag, $2,850

Jessi Lou

November 5, 2010

bye-bye, the city

I am lame, but I won't lie: I loved The City. By now it's no secret that the MTV pseudo-reality series has called it quits after three seasons. It was originally brought on as the New York City counterpart to The Hills after Whitney Port left. Port went from L.A. to New York working for Diane von Furstenberg, and a new show was born. It followed Port and a various assortment of characters (Olivia Palermo, Kelly Cutrone, Roxy Olin, and Erin Kaplan to name a few) working different jobs in the fashion industry. For that reason alone (along with the setting and wardrobe choices), I was hooked.

Personally, I never liked The Hills. I couldn't identify with the tanned California girls and their brightly-colored clothes assailed my eyes. My heart belongs to New York forevermore.

(Left to Right) Token mean girl Olivia Palermo and heroine Whitney Port

I think it's fair to say that the first season of The City was not so interesting. I couldn't keep the characters straight because, well, they were boring. Not memorable at all. Although, I do remember one of them crying quite a bit. Anyway, the second and third seasons really had me hooked because Olivia was handed a position on a silver platter at Elle magazine as an accessories editor. She worked under the watchful eyes of Joe Zee (creative director of the magazine) and PR Director Erin Kaplan. Both were great to watch because even if it was scripted, it still gave you some idea of what working for a magazine might be like. Whitney ends up leaving DVF and pursuing her dream of designing clothes. A familiar character from The Hills returns to give Whitney brash advice and tough love: Kelly Cutrone.

Kelly is Whitney's critical and sharp boss at PR company, People's Revolution. In terms of the fashion industry and making it in NYC, she knows what she's talking about. When she wasn't jabbing someone with her one-liners, she played big-hearted maternal guidance to Whit's struggling designer. I love Kelly, and not just because of her all-black ensembles. She doesn't bullshit anyone. I just hope that's her real personality and not only on camera. 

Kelly Cutrone: "L.A. has weather, we [New York] have life."

So true, Kel. I'll miss you, City girls.

Jessi Lou

November 2, 2010

gingham chanel and other things i can't afford

Seeing new Chanel bags and jewelry is like being a diabetic in a candy store. At least for me, because I cannot afford any of this. It is beautiful to admire from the safe distance of my computer, however. 

Enjoy! Don't drool all over your keyboard. 

Jessi Lou

Thanks to Sarah Andersen at Nordstroms Seattle for these pictures.