August 25, 2011

fancy seeing you again

Holy hiatus. Time to blow the proverbial dust off the old blog and start again! Never fear; much to discuss.

Omaha Fashion Week is currently taking place, followed by the much-anticipated NEW YORK FASHION WEEK  (September 8th-15th). So excited to see what is in store for us in the springtime. I will have photos from Saturday night's finale show.

Fall is the best time of year, especially for fashion. The colors, the heavier knits, boots, and everything is leopard print (I'm quite the fan, in case you didn't know). Also on the radar: giant graphic polka dots. Yes. You remember from Marc Jacobs? Well, here's a refresher and the top item on my Die-For list:

Marc Jacobs Spotted Teddies shearling hobo bag - Net-a-Porter


                                           And only $1,500.  No big deal. Happy to be back!

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