May 31, 2012

just merried.

One of my favorite couples, Lisa and Alex of Chicago, were recently hitched last weekend. It was a beautiful wedding, complete with readings from a dinosaur love story, gourmet burgers and lots of cakes and pies. It was a recipe for success. 

I hate dressing myself for weddings -- I never know what is appropriate, and spending money on a dress I won't wear again is hard to stomach. Luckily for me, I wandered into Anthropologie one day and found a killer neon yellow dress with sparkles. Kind of Bollywood and not anything I would typically pick out for myself, but I decided to try it on.

I fell in love. It was a decent length and the color looked fantastic on my skin tone (both are next to impossible to accomplish). I snatched it up, needless to say. I think I would wear it again, for sure, as it's not too fancy that it can't be tamed down for work or play or whatever.

Me with sweet Chelsea. 

Bag- Chanel
Sunnies- Prada
Flats- Sam Edelman
MAC Russian Red Lipglass

Congratulations, Lisa and Alex!


  1. that dress is very cute! looks like you had a very good time at the wedding! and i feel the same way about spending alot of money on something i will only wear once!

    i would love for you to come check out my blog as well I just posted a new outfit post!

    Figure of Chic

  2. You girls looked so beautiful and I loved your outfit :D. Congrats to the married couple ;)

  3. your dress is gorgeous! very 20s :)

  4. Love your dress. Congrats to Lisa and Alex :D