November 21, 2010

lanvin + h&m

As if it's hard enough that Omaha doesn't have an H&M. Now H&M is collaborating with high-end Paris fashion house Lanvin for one of the most anticipated sartorial marriages of the year. The results were an incredible fashion show, a killer lookbook that virtually every blog has featured and fashion lover has drooled over, and an uber-stylish launch party. The queen of minimal chic, Sofia Coppola, was divine in a fur coat while my favorite look was Susie "Bubble" Lau's striped ribbon dress topped off with her signature bun.

One of my personal style icons, Sofia Coppola

Sofia and Anna Sui

Emma Roberts

Blogger Bryan Boy of

Blogger Susie Lau of Style Bubble

And the absolute best part? The runway looks. Seriously, I need to hop a plane or drive to a nearby H&M (Chicago, Minnesota, St. Louis). These were so inspirational and over-the-top, exceeding my expectations. If I can't own anything, I definitely plan on copying the outfits with my own pieces. And with all of the leopard, floral, and black, it shouldn't be too difficult.

Jessi Lou


  1. I feel your pain we also didn't get any of the pieces. =(


  2. I also feel your pain...South Dakota is lacking an H&M as well! Thanks for the post...

  3. yayy i have been waiting for this for so long!
    why cant we have this stuff in australia, it just isnt fair!

  4. ugh Houston doesn't have H&M either, i feel your pain!! This new collaboration is just divine, there isn't one piece i don't like.