January 6, 2011

boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses

Or do they? Everyone loves girls in glasses. Are we really to believe that because a beautiful girls sports some specs that she's immediately the "nerdy", less-desirable friend (like Amanda Seyfried's character in 'Jennifer's Body' or any other teen movie where the geek becomes a babe because she takes off her glasses?). Give me a break. Wear your glasses proudly. I always gain a renewed love for my Chanel frames I see a sweet editorial or ad featuring lovely glasses.

Jessi Lou


  1. wow what an amaaazing post!! Although I do not wear glasses I think they are the perfect accessoire :) But I'm glad I don't need them because I would loose them everywhere haha :p Julia Restoin-Roitfeld looks great with glasses!!
    I'm now following you btw, just loooove your blog!!



  2. As long as they have lenses in them, it's a perfectly stylish accessory that can, no doubt, add some sex appeal. Wonderful take on the reoccurring trend!


  3. Hipster chic, wouldn't you say? I love so many of these frames I may just give up my contacts. I especially love the red eyebrow ones!


  4. Seems like I need to start embracing mine. I really tried to like mine when I got them, and I don't think that they make me look less attractive,but somehow they are just killing my nerves. I'm always afraid of loosing them or forgetting them somewhere and I hate how they are steaming up when you enter a warm room in the winter.
    yours annka from

  5. i adore your post. quite intriguing to think about. it's not the glasses that make the girl hot or just the opposite, it's the girl. how she feel's about herself and how she presents herself! thank you for posting sucha lovely ode to glasses wearers!

    love from,


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  7. I LOVE glasses but I don't actually need them x_x So people make fun of me when I wear them. It sucks. I think there should be no problem wearing them as a fashion piece...as long as they work.


    Also I love your banner! It make me LOL

    Castle Fashion

  8. Two things defines a girl with glasses: 1. How stylish is she and 2. Her attitude. The other things dosn`t count. Glasses are always in, they have to be.



  9. Whoever that says glasses aren't sexy ought to be shot! Those girls you've featured here looks amazing! And I can't count the number of times my boyfriend had asked me to wear my cheap, plastic "geek" glasses! They're the perfect accessory and sometimes, (in my case) they just make my outfit look even better! Thanks for doing this post!

  10. I agree, glasses are so trendy! Who wouldn't want to double-take at a girl who's wearing 'em?



  11. great post and blog!

    love alexa abbey freya and chloe 's style:)


  12. Those orange and beige glasses are AMAZING!!!!!!

    So, I am an official follower of your blog and actually have my own streetstyle blog called Trés Awesome. I am holding my very first personal style giveaway. The best 3 looks posted score some classic Chanel makeup and will be featured on my site.

    You should totally enter!!!


  13. Hello.

    This is actually a really good post,honestly I love it.
    I never had a problem with my reading glasses..well,that was until they broke:]
    but yes,anyways this is my fav post I've seen in awhile from anyone.
    I love how you kept it simple.


  14. God I wish I looked half as good as these girls in glasses - especially Abbey Lee in the Tom Ford ad. Maybe if I bought some Tom Ford glasses I would look like that? Well that will be my justification for buying them anyway haha. Love all these pics!

  15. I love love love this post. I am a proud dark-rimmed glasses wearer but usually just when I am reading or on the computer. Think I might wear them out after seeing this. Thanks!