December 30, 2010

best dressed of 2010

I had a lot of fun this year with my first and only blog. I plan to continue on into 2011 and beyond. One of my favorite things was finding recent pictures of my favorite style icons and display the best (in my opinion). I have so many I loved, but managed to narrow it down to the most memorable. These are combinations of off-duty looks as well as couture and party outfits. I copied most of them over and over (within reason -- I'm in college and on a strict budget).

Leigh Lezark

She always looks good. Can we all agree on that? She wears a lot of black, so the bright red feather dress was a big surprise for everyone. Not just anyone could pull this off, but Leigh and her piercing stare make it look ever-so cool. By the way, anyone else think Leigh looks strangely like Trinity from The Matrix? Maybe that's why I love her. 

Alexa Chung

My go-to girl. If I'm ever stumped on what to wear, I'll check out what she's wearing for inspiration. I love Alexa because she never looks like she's trying too hard. She's a girl who knows what looks good and sticks to her guns: oxfords, boyfriend sweaters, shorts with tights, mini's all classic Alexa.

Julia Restoin-Roitfeld

Whoever said "the French do it better" definitely had Julia in mind. Not only does she gravitate to my preferred wardrobe color of choice (black), she takes risks. She represents exactly what modern fashion should be: stylish, classy, but edgy. As the daughter of former French Vogue editor (Carine Roitfeld) it's no wonder that great and daring style is in her blood.  

Kate Moss

This is a no-brainer. Kate is on everyone's best dressed list; I apologize for not being original. She is the ultimate rule-breaker and trend-setter. But what's truly wonderful about Kate is when she's photographed walking around London, she's usually just wearing a t-shirt, jeans, a leather jacket, and her Ray-Bans. Yes, ladies, it IS that simple. Don't over-think it! Sometimes an oversized sweater, leggings, and some great flats can look just as amazing as a fur vest and Louboutin stilettos. 

Jessica Stam

My favorite supermodel! Jessica has an ethereal beauty that can make anything look good. She can pull off ball gowns and couture, but Jess's personal style is quite grungy. She's often seen wearing band t-shirts and jeans with leather jackets and ballet flats. I love how laid-back yet glamorous she is.  

Clémence Poésy

Remember what I said about the French? Well, Clémence is no exception. In fact, she's the rule. I've adored everything about her since seeing her in In Bruges. She has a total effortless look with the tousled hair and no-frills dressing both in her downtime and when attending Paris Fashion Week. J'adore

Olivia Palermo

Overall, Olivia is a little too perfect and preppy for my liking. But this year, she's being a little more daring. Still, I'd like to mess up her hair and tell her not to brush it and smudge her eyeliner around. I love when she mixes prints and dresses more "downtown" than uptown. 

Daisy Lowe

The ultimate cool Brit It-girl. Daisy can look tough and badass in all-black and leather one minue, and positively sweet in a floral dress the next. She has her own unique style, but never looks the same. Personal favorite: the Miu Miu dress and sweater (second to last picture). 

Nicole Richie 

A few years ago, I would've said no way. But lately, Nicole is looking a lot more sophisticated and showing her personal style. I love the hints of boho, a style that I've never particularly liked, but when mixed with an Alexander McQueen scarf and Chanel bag, I'm into it. Motherhood has done great things for her. She just seems kinder and more comfortable in her own skin. 

Lou Doillon

She's not exactly a household name yet, but her mother (Jane Birkin) certainly is. At least in my household. The French model/actress has consistently blown me away this year. Her laid-back look and striking features have made her the new darling on all of the style blogs. She loves her Chanel, too, which is always a plus. 

Rachel Bilson

She's cute running errands. She's cute going to fashion shows and parties. Rachel has officially ousted Mischa Barton as most fashionable O.C. alum. She pays attention to trends but never incorporates too many into one look, which is so important. 

Sienna Miller

Sienna is another favorite best-dressed vet and for good reason. Years ago, her trademark was a modern boho look. Now days, she's being a little more adventurous and trying new looks. And you don't have to buy only from her Twenty8Twelve line to look like Sienna. Anything that looks like cool London street style will do the trick. 

Honorable Mention: Whitney Port

Whenever I write something good in my papers at school, my professors circle it and say, "More like this!" Whitney, I'm going to circle this outfit and write "More like this!" really large in red pen. 

See you next year!
Jessi Lou


  1. Alexa is my favorite! I think that fashion is something very different from glamour, and what I like about Alexa is that she's never glamorous.

  2. Alexa alll the way! After all she did win British style icon at the BRITISH FASHION AWARDS this year -

    Helen, X

  3. Hi, your blog is really great and I think I want "More like this" posts, so I think I will follow you. It would be great if you visit my blog sometime.


  4. Alexa's style is timeless! I also love how she always makes everything look so effortless! A true style icon! Great post!

  5. Yes yes! I agree to the fullest, I would also have to add MK & Ashley to the mix



  6. I totally agree with you on these girls :)

  7. hello:]

    chung and poesy can never go wrong.i love them:]

  8. Clémence Poésy is the best, but it's unfair because as you point out, she is french.

    I am officially following you now, you should come check out my street style blog

  9. really great idea. i like all outfits u shared :)

  10. I love all of them! Alexa Chung is fabulous and Julia Restoin-Roitfeld is amazing too. Fab post! :)

  11. I love Lou Doillon and Alexa!

  12. Ahaha I love your honourable mention!

    And Alexa chung and leigh lezark can do no wrong, i would kill for their wardrobes!!

    Sonia //"> Dozen Dresses xo

  13. All of these ladies have such amazing style. My top 3 are Daisy Lowe, Alexa Chung and Rachel Bilson

  14. This is a great post. I agree with all your selections. Also great blog. X

  15. all have truly amazing style in each of their own way! i love the effortless looks!


  16. They are all truly stunning, and their style is absoutely amazing. Gosh!

  17. We are loving all of these stylish ladies! Our particular favourites are olivia palermo, alexa chung and whitney port. Love your blog!

    much love from the .sabo skirt. girls
    ps our ONLINE shop is launching 1st march!

  18. I love all these girls!
    AChung<3 :)
    Happy New Year!
    stop by sometime, xx natalie

  19. keep the inspiration coming!
    you've got a good blog, and i'll be back for sure!
    happy new year from COSMICaroline to you!
    come visit COSMICaroline to see revamped outfits and a new photographer coming soon!


  20. Great picks. All of these women have amazing style. I think you have chosen the top fashionistas of 2010. Can't wait to see what 2011 brings!

    Check out Runway Rundown

  21. Leigh Lezark is awesome. I know everybody's loving Alexa - I honestly don't feel her looks that much, although she is a super gorgeous girl :) Just my opinion :)

    Stop by my blog if you find the time - comments&followers much appreciated <3

  22. I love these! Love your blog!


  23. wonderful selection!
    I love alexa and of course KATE!

  24. Leigh Lezark and Kate Moss are always fabulous.. This year's highlight for me was Olivia Palermo! xx

  25. i adore alexa chung and olivia palermo...they both have fabulous style! however, the photos you had of leigh lezark were amazing! close call!

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  27. Love them all, I couldn't possibly choose!

  28. jessica stam as been my favoriet model for quite some time now! she's just gorgeous!