December 15, 2010

chanel pre-fall 2011

This is what I'm taking about, Chanel. This collection was, in a word, spellbinding. There was something ultra Alexander McQueen-ish meets ancient Shanghai, but still kept to its Chanel roots with classic tweeds. I died over the jacquard golds and champagnes with punches of wine and red. It was gorgeous to say the least.

A collection fit for royalty, but at the same time, the pieces seemed wearable to me. The problem I've had with most of Karl's past designs is that they could rarely be pulled off with the exception of on the runway. How would someone in the real world wear this if they dared? Or, let's say, a college student who wanted to thrift around for a gold brocade top? The styling in this collection not only gives aspiration, but an actual piece that you could really wear it with. Okay, a beautiful gold skirt (or top, dress, what have you)...charcoal gray tights! Or something red or purple! Perfect. 


  1. New follower here, great post and style. It would be really interesting to watch a college girl dressed in one of the styles above heading to class. Keep up the great posts.


  2. Return to form I say!