December 12, 2010

"that's quacktastic"

There's something about duck boots that charm the crap out of me. They're impossibly preppy and some are just so ugly they're damn near adorable, but I am intrigued. I first fell in love with them at the beginning of fall when Tommy Hilfiger put them in his collection. I fell in love yet again when I saw these at an LL Bean store in Maine. They were not quite as stylish and without a heel, but rugged and cute nonetheless. Kicking myself, still, for not buying them!

Tommy Hilfiger puts a cute twist on duck boots.

(Duck) boots with the fur... Joan of Arctic Boot

Classic Bass boot. Can't go wrong.

Another Sorel beauty.

Wallet-friendly courtesy of Target!

The words "sassy" and "duck" aren't together enough in the same sentence, as far as I'm concerned. I mean, these babies just need some black tights, a chunky sweater, statement necklace, and voila! Pick your poison to make these unconventionally stylish.

Oh, Chanel Iman, you read my mind. (Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2010)

Preppy meets edgy with liquid leggings. Nice one, Olivia Palermo!

I don't know who she is, but she looks super cute! 


  1. Ahh Olivia looks fab as always! Love your blog <3

  2. I love the mix of style and practicality, these are perfect picks!

    Maryjane xoxo

  3. Oh I always love ugly!hot shoes that are practical too <3, especially at this time of year!!

  4. loving Tommy's boots, and i think the colours are perfect! xx

    please check out my new blog on street style and people

  5. The first pair of shoes are amazing!!!

  6. yeah i love the first pair! now that you mention duck boots, i have barely seen any around! no idea why!? If you had a spare moment I would love if you visited me :)

    F. ( x

  7. love these boots
    they are so chic without even trying