July 25, 2010

louis vuitton: fall 2010

"And God Created Woman"  

For the feminine form-loving fall 2010 collection, Marc Jacobs booked some of the most curvaceous beauties in the business. With most of the models looking like prepubescent boys these days, it was beyond refreshing to see these models who had been virtually exiled from the runways for their build. A collection celebrating the feminine form should have women who actually possess the feminine form, DUH.

I'm not embarrassed to admit this collection and show brought tears to my eyes. I felt empowered seeing supermodels who were deemed "too fat" or "too old" (a.k.a. - actually having boobs and being over age 30) participating in the most beautiful show of the season. Insisting on casting these models and going against the norm made me love Marc Jacobs even more. He truly is someone who embraces women of all sizes, shapes, and celebrates what makes people unique. 

photos: style.com

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