July 27, 2010

marc by marc jacobs: fall 2010

Everyone else has covered this collection back in spring or earlier, but I wasn't in the mood for fall until a few weeks ago. It is truly the most wonderful season and my favorite, and Marc gives me one more reason why. These are not all of the looks, but most. Just some of the highlights.

Ruby Aldridge starts off the show with a bang. In my opinion, Ruby is the quintessential Marc girl. Very unfussy looking and her model-off-duty style is spot on (see earlier post). All of Marc's girls look as though they don't brush their hair or really do anything other than put together an incredible ensemble. 

I am crazy for the lace dress. So beautiful and simple. The boots give the femininity a little toughness. Same with the cream jacquard dress. Ultra cool with the shades. The thing I love about all of these looks is that they're extremely wearable, even for the anti-fashion girl who hates to mess with accessories and mixing and matching. The SS/10 collection was very inspirational for girls like me who adore giant bows and wearing stripes and plaid together, but a lot of people would not go there. These outfits are very minimal and downplayed, but still have the special MJ twist.  

This collection reminds me of a cooler version of the Gap. The minimalist stripes, oversized sweaters, muted colors, plaid, field jackets, and lace-up boots make me vie for fall even more. I love that most of the models are sporting socks with their shoes. The Urban catalogues are literally overflowing with this look; so help me, girls in Omaha will wear (visible) socks with shoes. We're still trying to spoon-feed them.  

photos: style.com

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