October 8, 2010

alexander mcqueen spring 2011

Sarah Burton has a lot on her shoulders. It's no easy feat being successor to whom some dubbed a "genius of a generation." No pressure, Sarah, really. But if anyone can keep Alexander McQueen's legacy alive and give it justice, it's his longtime colleague and friend of 14 years.

Fans have high hopes for Sarah to keep the unique aesthetic that was Alexander McQueen forever running. As her first collection solo, she delivered with every bit the gorgeous, theatrical detailing we've come accustomed to.

Will we ever have a true Alexander McQueen replica again? Of course not. But it's bittersweet. The legacy can still live on even with someone else running the show. Somehow marrying his visions with that of another creative director is inspiring and pays a dear tribute to the late designer. Somewhere, Alexander is very proud.

photos: style.com


  1. I think she did a fantastic job taking over for him!

  2. i absolutely love mcqueen!.... always will

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    I wud appreciate and love to know wt you think!


  3. i think the details she put into the dresses were just magical but you can def tell its done solely by a female now . i hope she keeps some tough english flair in there too !

  4. the hair at the show was amazing!!


  5. Excellent review... Sarah is doing an amazing job with the line!