October 7, 2010

chanel spring 2011

Ah, to be in Paris for fashion week. Chanel is no doubt on the top of everyone's list. Because like it or not, everyone has a Chanel design in their closet. No, maybe not a caviar 2.55 or a string of pearls with diamond encrusted interlocking Cs (or maybe you do; good on you!). But if you own a tweed jacket, a pair of two-toned ballet flats, anything jersey, boxy suits, A-line skirts, or a black dress, you can thank Coco Chanel for introducing it to the world...and your wardrobe.

Somewhere along the way, Coco's original idea of simplicity and practicality got lost in the translation. And it's actually okay! Karl Lagerfeld has modernized the classic design house and made pieces that an edgy girl who knows and appreciate labels can wear. As for the rest of us who don't have it in our budget: we can admire from afar and recreate to our best abilities.

Carmen Kass has made a huge comeback this season, appearing in several shows thus far. Another supermodel who was a huge icon in the '90s: Stella Tennant. The queen of androgynous beauty with a bone structure that could cut glass, Stella opened and closed the show proving once a supermodel, always a supermodel.

photos: style.com


  1. love the classic + edge in Chanel!

  2. The 2011 Spring Line is AMAZING!!