October 6, 2010

jean paul gaultier spring 2011

"I love Rock 'N Roll!" sang Jean Paul Gaultier as he created his spring collection. Complete with Joan Jett hair, leather, boots, lace, and lots of black, the runway was a veritable '80s rock opera. The eye makeup was reminiscent of Ziggy Stardust with bright blue smeared all around. And the usually sweet and wholesome-looking Karlie Kloss looked as though she might kick my ass if I ran into her in an alley.

Speaking of models, there was one fresh face making her debut at the show. Beth Ditto, from the band The Gossip, opened the show in a champagne, watercolor print dress with white heels. Beth's attitude and personality made her the prime person for this collection. But aside from her character, there's something very different about Beth: she's a plus-sized woman. Along with Beth was the very in-demand Crystal Renn, who was stunning in a sheer bodysuit with a black trench and wide leather belt. Jean Paul Gaultier believes in the personality of a woman making the clothes, rather than celebrating one body type.

photos: style.com


  1. Wow I never even heard that Gaultier did that! And Perez is like a huge fan of Beth Dito, and I read his stuff all the time... Maybe it was on Coco Perez

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    Karoline @ SECONDHAND NEWS

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