October 9, 2010

louis vuitton spring 2011

Like the closing ceremony at the Olympics, so is Louis Vuitton at Fashion Week. It ends with a bang, and it's bittersweet. Lucky for us, we only wait another season not another 4 years to see more. And I care more about Louis Vuitton anyway.

Louis Vuitton is on a par with Chanel and (Marc by) Marc Jacobs for me. Truly the piece de resistance (Paris Fashion Week, get it? French?). Without fail, they're truly the titans of the runway and I look forward to everything they do next.

On a marble runway, the usual suspects (Lindsey, Karlie, Samantha, and Freja -- and some tigers) flounced in fringe and killed it in kimono dresses. This later turned into colorblocks that Rainbow Bright would envy and safari prints as seen on Animal Planet. One of my favorites? The panda face dress that concluded the show.

It's evident after this entire Fashion Week process that I have to find a way to interview Samantha Gradoville. As I've mentioned before, she is from my hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, and her dad is my dentist. She has worked with my make-believe best friend, Marc Jacobs, and I have to get every detail.

This concludes Fashion Week for me, and I'm exhausted. This was my first real "fashion writing" season since my blog has only been up since September. Fashion Week is exciting and entertaining, but keeping up with all of the shows and writing can be stressful, especially bloggers. There's definitely some competition with getting your review and pictures up first. In the end, however, everyone has unique perspectives to share.

Until next season...au revoir, Fashion Week!


photos: style.com


  1. ah! Look at all those colors! love it. I like the purple pants with black top.


  2. I just did a post on my blog about mix matching this fall too. I love it. I think it is just so bold and beautiful! love your post! it's greatly said!

    email me amandarchambault@aol.com

  3. no way! never seen so much color on one catwalk! love the asian influences! <3

  4. so much color! kind of liking the panda look the most!

  5. I'm still not sure about this collection... I think I'd like it better broken up... We'll see! Great blog, girl!



  6. so so gorgeous! love the post

    stop by sometime<3