October 18, 2010

foxy lady

The clever, danger-seeking creatures are no longer confined to the woodland areas. They're in your favorite stores. While fur (namely fox) might be in for fall, actual fox-semblance knits and prints are the big accessories. Bonus: they're safe for your wallet and animal rights friendly.

This might be the cutest thing I've ever seen. At first I was torn...is it kind of wrong? It is, after all, supposed to resemble the real fox stoles that had the tail and head intact. But I've come to love it and think it's pretty hilarious and freaking adorable. Very pricy, however! Good thing the holidays are just around the corner.

These, however, I was able to buy! Also from Anthropologie, I fell in love instantly. Not only are the colors amazing and will go with everything, they're little foxes! I will probably wear these with a mustard skirt. And since they're sweater tights, they will keep you warm this fall and winter. 

We got these in at Urban late last month and it's been virtually impossible to keep them in stock. With the different animals available, the fox with his gold button eyes was definitely the cutest. 

And here he is: the most dapper of canids, Mr. Fox. Ahem, the Fantastic Mr. Fox that is. The ultimate style icon of the Roald Dahl books, Mr. Fox was never without his button-down shirts and ties and his corduroy blazers. 

Jessi Lou


  1. The fox scarf is so cute. I think its also very funny.

  2. nawwww the fox scarf is so cute :) i was gonna say 'dead cute' but realised that may be taken crudely :s i actually saw a faux fox stole the other day but i couldnt buy it cause i couldnt bear anyone to think it was real!!! also love those tights, gonna need the warmth! xx

  3. oh! how sweet are those things!

    i just bumped into your blog! it's fab!

    xoxo from rome!

  4. Lovely items! I especially love the ear-flap hat! Seems to be trending a lot these days.


  5. Aw I love the tights! There is something so fun about foxes.

  6. Haha, fun, but I'd never wear any of those.