October 1, 2010

moschino spring 2011

"Fashion should be fun and send a message." -Franco Moschino

The premise: old west set in the '80s meets...Minnie Mouse? I'm all about it. Franco Moschino's idea of fashion being all about the inspiration and philosophy still lives on through the lively, oft goofy designs that everyone has come to love about the Italian design house.

While his career was short, what he did in his 11-year reign over the label was change the way the fashion industry sees itself. Moschino had a knack for poking fun at the industry and creating an eccentric chic aesthetic along the way.

This season was no different. Straight out of cartoons and comic books they came, models wearing larger than life prints with full skirts and cowboy hats. This collection paid tribute to the show Moschino did in 1987 called "Mickey Mouse" complete with pops of red and black and white polka dots and stripes.

 The wild wild west never looked so stylish. Moschino tends to put things together that shouldn't make sense, yet you can't help but stop and wonder who the hell decided that? Of course cowboy gear, blazers, and Chanel-inspired jackets go together! 

Moschino would be proud of what Rosella Jardini has both invented and innovated. A spirit, rather than just another brand, that celebrates being over-the-top and not being afraid to have fun while you do it. 

photos: style.com


  1. ohhhh Moschino always makes me smile :)



  2. I tried hard to like this collection, but I'm not succeeding. I like some of the shoes, though.

  3. That yellow skirt is insane - want, want, want!

  4. oh it is an amazing collection:)))so country/glam chic:)))
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