October 4, 2010

why i love lara stone

It's already been established that I love models. However, there are very few who I am physically able to emulate. Try as I might, my body will probably no longer allow me to be a size 0 or 2. And I am fine with that. I've been a healthy size 4 for several years now, and I assume this is how I am meant to be; most of the time, I do not aspire to be any smaller. Truth be told, I eat out way too much (and love it), and pizza and chocolate is just not something I'm ever willing to give up. Ever.

In the world of fashion, you're hard-pressed to find a model larger than a size 4, or sometimes even a 2. The lovely Dutch beauty, Lara Stone, is a walking anomaly for the industry; in a sea of predominantly smaller-chested girls, Lara is a little more endowed. A blow-up-boobed porn star she is not, but when you put her next to a 32-A, she looks positively busty in comparison. And, to my excitement, she's a size 4!

Lara herself has said that compared to her other colleagues, she feels much larger. While in the "real" world a a girl who is 5'10" and a size 4 is quite thin, the same is not true in model land. But I absolutely love Lara and those like her, because all it takes is one person to change the way we see beauty and turn the industry on its head.

Who else did it? Well, Kate Moss, for example. Before the "heroin chic" era, the supermodels were very statuesque and, by today's definition in the fashion world, "curvy." Some sample sizes were even a size 8, according to Linda Evangelista. In walked Kate Moss, much shorter than her Amazonian predecessors. But she had the drive, she had a strong look that set her apart from everyone else, and pretty soon she was one of the most in-demand models working. She still continues to inspire style around the world and does print modeling.

It's true that what makes you different makes you memorable. This is a good sign. For lack of a better explanation, Lara and others can make having boobs and imperfections cool again. She's certainly not the first to rock the gap-tooth, but for those of us who were stamped with "imperfect teeth" most of our lives, she's a beautiful glimmer of hope. While the modeling and fashion industry may not always make us feel great about ourselves in terms of body image, it's comforting to know that the "imperfections" are still considered beautiful and in style. And best yet: no need to hit the stores or break the bank -- all you need to do is be yourself.

What would have happened if Cindy Crawford removed her mole? 

Twiggy's totally different look turned the fashion industry upside down.

Too pale? No way! Jessica Stam makes it cool.

Models Lindsey Wixson and Lara Stone are all (gap-toothed) smiles.

xox Jessi Lou


  1. Great post. The thing that makes them all beautiful and stand out is their "flaw".

    It is nice to see models with curves again, but it would be even nicer if there were more clothing options for (regular) women with curves.

  2. gap-toothed smiles are so sweet, but i have to admit it makes me uncomfortable that tyra banks instructed one of the contestants on ANTM to widen her gap surgically... http://theweek.com/article/index/207498/tyra-banks-beauty-dictate-gap-your-teeth