September 29, 2010

dolce and gabbana spring 2011

Talk about a summer blockbuster with an all-star cast. The titans of the modeling world were in full-force at Dolce and Gabbana, including my hometown hero, Samantha Gradoville (interview someday, perhaps? Lemme talk to her dad and see what I can do). As though they were exiting heaven, all ladies began the show dressed in head-to-toe white, which was so elegant and summery.

The attention immediately turned to Victoria's Secret model, Alessandria Ambrosio, who juxtaposed the purity with an all-black ensemble. She came back a second time donning another black look, which I have to say, was absolutely beautiful on her.

Just to show that, no, they're not totally innocent, a little bit of leopard was included. One of the dresses was a lace-leopard fusion mixing the two trends in one. The only other print was a greenish floral. This was a highly-wearable collection that was kept simple with two main colors and two prints. The way in which they married the prints and the lace was lovely. I imagine I would enjoy mixing the leopard pieces with the floral as well. 

It says a lot about a designer (or in this case, two) when they are able to book most of the greats, past and present. Dolce and Gabbana continues to establish their dominance in the fashion world, and they have the gorgeous designs to back them up. 



  1. Lace and leopard! What will they think of next?

  2. i like this collection wich is cool cause i don't like dolce & gabbana normaly.

  3. love the 4th row set...

  4. Gorgeous collection, just stunning! I love that on a runway full of white lacy frocks, they're more traditional leopard prints still seem right at home!

  5. Great looks, it's very elegant. I love your blog, especially the header, which is gorgeous.
    xoxo Sam