August 30, 2010

2010 emmy awards

I don't know how much authority I have to post this (I didn't even watch the show...oops), but nevertheless, I still pay attention to the dresses.

What would Steve Urkel say to Christina Hendricks? "WHOA, MAMA!" That's pretty much what I think whenever I see her. She is the woman, I believe, who is responsible for so much of the new collections embracing curvy ladies with open arms. Louis Vuitton fall 2010 was very 'Mad Men' inspired complete with busty models. I say, thank you!

That being said, I love this Zac Posen dress on her. The color suits her gorgeous porcelain skin and red hair. She always has such a look of confidence, like "I know I'm super-duper-crazy sexy!" I hope this body type starts to get more praise and exposure.  Suck it, Jennifer Aniston.

How cute. They just got married. Love the Alexander McQueen dress...on Karlie Kloss. Not so much on Anna Paquin. It makes her look even shorter than she probably is. I admire her for being so daring and paying a tribute to the late genius designer. It's definitely cooler than most of the typical red carpet gowns.

I think this dress was probably my favorite. It's so beautiful. Claire Danes pulls this off so well, and she just shimmers like a sugar plum fairy. This Armani Privé gown is simple and stunning, and she didn't even have to go ape shit with accessories.

Bravo, ladies!



  1. Love that you incorporated Urkel! And agree that it looks veyr good.

  2. Clair's look was beautiful! My favorite of the night. loving your blog! Thanks so much for commenting and following. I'm following on bloglovin!