August 4, 2010

wish list for fall

Seeing as how my birthday is in 3 days, and most of these things are way too freaking expensive, this is just a pipe-dream. But maybe not forever.

wish list for fall

1.) Kate Moss by Mario Testino. I haven't flipped through this or seen it in real life, but with those two names on the cover, I WANT IT. I will carry it around with me everyday.

2.) Miu Miu SS/10 cat-print clogs. Y'know, I'd take the daisy ones too. Or the sparrow. Whatev.

3.) Marc Jacobs mouse flats. As mentioned before, these are my favorite shoes ever created. My favorite designer in the whole entire world is Marc Jacobs.

4.) Vintage floral Dr. Martens. These are the legit ones from the 90s, not the ones I have from Urban. Not that I don't LOVE mine, but these are definitely an iconic piece from the grunge era.

5.) Ben Amun gold coin necklace. So beautiful. Probably made better than mine from a thrift store that looks just like it.

6.) Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse leopard shawl. Marc Jacobs used his namesake and signature leopard design to honor the late designer/artist in 2008. I bet this is cozy and wonderful.

7.) Leopard coat. This one is Topshop, but any will do. I'd love to find the perfect faux-fur slightly-longish one in a thrift store someday. I've always wanted one.

8.) Prada knee-socks. I'm not crazy about the shoes. Sometimes Prada shoes are so pointy, like they're going to take someone's eyes out if you pissed off the wrong person. I've been into socks lately, and I love the DIY-ness that they have. Also, they look really warm and probably cute with some mouse flats. Just saying.

xo, Jessica

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  1. So, is today your birthday? I thought it was Saturday. Big event and all that. Well, may all your wishes come true.