August 3, 2010

concert for equality

Thousands gathered outside for Conor-fest 2010 on a closed off Benson street. The show raised money to repeal the controversial immigration law in Fremont. Regardless of differing opinions on the situation, everyone was able to come together and simply enjoy the music. Yes, Conor Oberst got all political like he tends to do, but they played such a killer set. Oh, and there were burritos and cheeseburgers.

Beginning of Bright Eyes.

The most stylish people of the whole evening, Katie and Kyle. bff4eva

Now the images get shitty, because I had to use my phone. Whatever. Here's Tim Kasher. Cursive was holy-fuck.

Boy was I on the wrong side of the stage.


Bright Eyes, Cursive, and Desaparecidos were the highlights of the night, for me, having loved all three bands since age 14. It had been that long since seeing Desa, and they rocked my socks off. Naturally, the most anticipated of the evening, they played last. Conor began the set with "Greater Omaha" (very apropos) and with a call-to-arms before "Hole in One."

"ARE YOU WITH ME?!?" Love you, Con-Con.

xo, Jessica

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