August 22, 2010

the most wonderful time of the year.

My own personal Christmas, fall, the greatest of all the seasons. And like the best holiday gift you could ever receive from any relative, so is the September issue of Vogue for me.

Pretty decent cover. I love Halle Berry's Louise Brooks bob. However, the highlight for me was Lara Stone's editorial:

She takes my breath away everytime. Someone once described Lara Stone as Grace Kelly meets Sandra Bernhard. That stuck with me, because it's so spot on. She's has such a classic beauty, but she also has strong, strange features and imperfections that make her interesting.

My second favorite was Karlie Kloss. She's come a long way from the Teen Vogue shoots she's usually known for. Glad to see her as a bonafide supermodel.

She's great when she's not all smiley and shit. I'm impressed, Karlie! I'd be even more impressed if you could score that Chanel backpack for me.

The tweeds! The sweaters! The dark lipstick! The capes! I cannot wait for fall to truly begin.

xox, Jessica


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  1. I've absolutely fallen in love with the September issue of Vogue. Why is fall fashion so addicting? I love everything about these two editorials! Chunky knits, tights, tweed... gorgeous!

    Xo Chelle