August 30, 2010

fall accessories, part 1

(Top left to right): Celíne leopard lady bag, Balmain ankle boots. (Middle left to right): Chanel faux fur bag, Deena and Ozzy pony hair satchels, Chanel tweed and fur boot clogs. (Bottom left to right): Manolo Blahnik zebra kitten heels, Chanel tweed and fur chain bag. 

Tweeds, animal prints, furs, OH MY! Not so groundbreaking for fall, I agree, but it is the greatest season of all, and I love making collages that are fall-focused. Plus, I have been lusting after that leopard Celíne bag for FOREVER! Notice how the clogs are morphing into boots? Me too. They're really wonderful.

It's very comforting to know that the classics are always here to stay. They stand the test of time for a reason. But the ways in which people renew and reuse is always fresh and fascinating. 


  1. Liking leopard print right now, too!

  2. Oh my! These pieces are great.. I will be lusting over these for some time!