August 15, 2010

marc jacobs: resort 2011

Holy 'Valley of the Dolls' meets 'Stepford Wives' meets rich European 60s housewife in St. Barts! I haven't had a freak-out like this over a collection for a long time. The pastel tweeds and cat-eye sunglasses are to die for. 

It has the supernatural ability to stick to a theme, but at the same time, play with different inspirations. Personally, I see a little bit of Chanel with the tweed and double-breasted sweater coats. The brown and creme polka dots remind me of the outfit Julia Roberts wore in 'Pretty Woman' at the horse-races.

Nicole Kidman's character in 'To Die For' loved to wear pastelly, Chanel-inspired suits. If you haven't seen the movie, go rent it. 

xo, Jessica

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