August 24, 2010


So because I've bought maybe two things from there in my life, I receive the Express catalog at my house. I flipped through it (just because Caroline Trentini is one of their models), and discovered that Jessica Stam is the face of their new fragrance.

I love Jessica Stam. She is my favorite model. However, I do not like Express. It's essentially really tacky workwear (where can I find work pants with GLITTER on them! Oooh!). I cannot stand the whole vibe of the store. It tries to be really cutting-edge and trendy, but in reality, it's super lame and cheesy. Even their basics, which is probably all I've bought, tend to be kind of slutty.

I do not know how I feel about this. Jessica is definitely way too cool for Express, and so is Caroline for that matter. I guess sometimes it just comes down to money. Money sucks.

For the sake of not sounding completely negative: she looks great!

xox, jessica

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