August 17, 2010

the marc pre-cursor

Marc Jacobs wasn't someone I really paid attention to until I started college. I always admired his work from the far reaches of Google and various fashion magazines. It wasn't until one of our local department stores began carrying Marc by Marc Jacobs that I was able to see, in person, the genius and beauty of his talent.

Flashback, fall 2006: The first garment of his that I laid eyes on was a gorgeous black silk mini-dress. It resembled a vintage frock. The design was immaculate. When I held it up to myself, it was a real dress on me. At 5'10", a "dress" usually turns out to be more like a tunic. I fell in love with a black peacoat of his with giant buttons, something surely Marianne Faithfull would have worn in the 60s.  I had a favorite designer in that instant. From discovering my love for Marc, I was able to better develop my own personal style and not be afraid to be a little bit out there. His work continues to inspire and astound.

This is a printed version of the dress from the fall 2006 show. 

Not for people who take fashion too seriously. Marc knows fun is the crux of style.

Jessica <3

It's easy to tell who loves life and their work by what they design. Some designers will make the same run-of-the-mill shit because it's easy, and they're just in it for the fame and money. Why be creative when you can just rip somebody off? Not Marc. He makes everything with love. Seeing his collections invite you into a very personal place of his and seeing what his crazy-brilliant mind sees. Marc Jacobs wants you to come into his world. Do it.

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