August 27, 2010

urban outfitters, early fall 2010

I would be remiss if I did not do an Urban-related post since, well uh, I work there. These are some of my favorite items in the stores now:

Ecote Knit Surplus Jacket. $58.00

Ecote Surplus Jacket. $78.00
Deena and Ozzy Pony Belt. $20.00
BDG 3/4 Sleeve Striped Tunic. $48.00
Kimchi Blue Patent Skimmer. $28.00
Deena and Ozzy Treaded Lace-Up Boot. $68.00
BDG Twill Grazer Cigarette Pant. $49.00
Deena and Ozzy Scalloped Bootie. $68.00

1 comment:

  1. lots of great picks - especially like the surplus jacket! lucky girl, you must get a discount! ;)