August 30, 2010

2010 emmy awards

I don't know how much authority I have to post this (I didn't even watch the show...oops), but nevertheless, I still pay attention to the dresses.

What would Steve Urkel say to Christina Hendricks? "WHOA, MAMA!" That's pretty much what I think whenever I see her. She is the woman, I believe, who is responsible for so much of the new collections embracing curvy ladies with open arms. Louis Vuitton fall 2010 was very 'Mad Men' inspired complete with busty models. I say, thank you!

That being said, I love this Zac Posen dress on her. The color suits her gorgeous porcelain skin and red hair. She always has such a look of confidence, like "I know I'm super-duper-crazy sexy!" I hope this body type starts to get more praise and exposure.  Suck it, Jennifer Aniston.

How cute. They just got married. Love the Alexander McQueen dress...on Karlie Kloss. Not so much on Anna Paquin. It makes her look even shorter than she probably is. I admire her for being so daring and paying a tribute to the late genius designer. It's definitely cooler than most of the typical red carpet gowns.

I think this dress was probably my favorite. It's so beautiful. Claire Danes pulls this off so well, and she just shimmers like a sugar plum fairy. This Armani Privé gown is simple and stunning, and she didn't even have to go ape shit with accessories.

Bravo, ladies!


fall accessories, part 1

(Top left to right): Celíne leopard lady bag, Balmain ankle boots. (Middle left to right): Chanel faux fur bag, Deena and Ozzy pony hair satchels, Chanel tweed and fur boot clogs. (Bottom left to right): Manolo Blahnik zebra kitten heels, Chanel tweed and fur chain bag. 

Tweeds, animal prints, furs, OH MY! Not so groundbreaking for fall, I agree, but it is the greatest season of all, and I love making collages that are fall-focused. Plus, I have been lusting after that leopard Celíne bag for FOREVER! Notice how the clogs are morphing into boots? Me too. They're really wonderful.

It's very comforting to know that the classics are always here to stay. They stand the test of time for a reason. But the ways in which people renew and reuse is always fresh and fascinating. 

August 29, 2010

rave on

After awaiting this show all summer, the night finally arrived for Zooey Deschanel to come to Omaha. I quite like She & Him, but I love M. Ward solo and Zooey's acting and style-iconing more. Together, though, they put on quite a lovely show.

Zooey's sort of the poster girl for quirky indie chick (not my personal style, but she's still super cute). Of all the things she wears, I like her hair best. I always wanted her perfectly tousled bangs and wavy black hair (oh, wait, I have the latter part). Her personal style is undeniably vintage and sweet -- I bet she's just the kind of girl you'd want to go thrift store shopping with. She obviously has the eye for it.

Mr. Mouse Flats decided to have a cigarette.

This man is successfully donning the shoes-socks trend. 

I think vintage items are best styled in small doses, unless you want to look like a 1930s school teacher (it was called the Great Depression for a reason, y'know). An entire vintage outfit can look a little too costumey and pretty soon your personal style is out the window. Rather, vintage pieces look best tied into other items that you already have. Give them a modern twist and make them your own. The easiest is vintage jewelry or shoes. I love a vintage dress or frock with some tights and motorcycle boots, a la Alexa Chung: (well, in this case, it's Mary Jane heels)

Notice how the vintage dress does not wear her. Knowing her style, this is something she can wear seamlessly without looking like she tried too hard.

Kate Moss wears a vintage fur coat with her Minnetonka moccasin boots and denim cut-offs. What's to say? She always looks incredible. 

(Note: Vintage items are different from thrift items. An entire outfit made of thrifted clothes is not the same thing. Vintage represents a particular time, while thrift stores just sell stuff that was donated. They can have pretty much anything. Thrift store outfits are usually really sweet, but they too can look goofy in a bad way if done incorrectly. But that's for another post.)

xox, Jessica

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August 24, 2010


So because I've bought maybe two things from there in my life, I receive the Express catalog at my house. I flipped through it (just because Caroline Trentini is one of their models), and discovered that Jessica Stam is the face of their new fragrance.

I love Jessica Stam. She is my favorite model. However, I do not like Express. It's essentially really tacky workwear (where can I find work pants with GLITTER on them! Oooh!). I cannot stand the whole vibe of the store. It tries to be really cutting-edge and trendy, but in reality, it's super lame and cheesy. Even their basics, which is probably all I've bought, tend to be kind of slutty.

I do not know how I feel about this. Jessica is definitely way too cool for Express, and so is Caroline for that matter. I guess sometimes it just comes down to money. Money sucks.

For the sake of not sounding completely negative: she looks great!

xox, jessica

August 23, 2010

pre-fall inspiration 2010

(Top Left to Right): Urban Outfitters Pre-Fall 2010 Catalog, Olivia Palermo, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, Michelle Williams, Olivia Palermo. (Bottom Left to Right): Leigh Lezark for DKNY Fall 2010, Alessandria Ambrosio, Alexa Chung. 

Since military surplus is such a huge push for fall, I thought I'd showcase the different ways in which this look can be achieved. It has the power to toughen any look and, as you can see, pretty much anybody can do this. Leigh Lezark (who is the new face of DKNY -- YAY!!) offers her icy-cool stare with a zip-up army dress and matching scarf.  
Olivia glams her jacket up with a fur vest, while our Urban model prefers a fur-trimmed field jacket with preppy knee socks and heritage boots. Yes, Olivia is on here twice. Yes, she is annoying on 'The City.' Ugh, yes, I watch the show sometimes. But I do love how she belts the jacket. Alessandria's skinny cargo pants are a more subtle take on the trend. No real work required, and they go nicely with probably anything you have.  

I need Photoshop really bad.

xox, Jessica

August 22, 2010

the most wonderful time of the year.

My own personal Christmas, fall, the greatest of all the seasons. And like the best holiday gift you could ever receive from any relative, so is the September issue of Vogue for me.

Pretty decent cover. I love Halle Berry's Louise Brooks bob. However, the highlight for me was Lara Stone's editorial:

She takes my breath away everytime. Someone once described Lara Stone as Grace Kelly meets Sandra Bernhard. That stuck with me, because it's so spot on. She's has such a classic beauty, but she also has strong, strange features and imperfections that make her interesting.

My second favorite was Karlie Kloss. She's come a long way from the Teen Vogue shoots she's usually known for. Glad to see her as a bonafide supermodel.

She's great when she's not all smiley and shit. I'm impressed, Karlie! I'd be even more impressed if you could score that Chanel backpack for me.

The tweeds! The sweaters! The dark lipstick! The capes! I cannot wait for fall to truly begin.

xox, Jessica