September 22, 2010

betsey johnson spring 2011

What's it like to be in a fashion show for the industry's most cuckoo-adorable designer? The models give it away: most of them are smiling the whole time. That says a lot coming from the notoriously-stoic, icy cool creatures. And how couldn't you? Everything about Betsey Johnson makes you smile, especially when you're wearing a dress that looks like a delicious neon cupcake.  

And the trends...well, what trends? Betsey doesn't care. She was inspired by cyclists for this collection, thus the grand entrance she made at the end on a pink bicycle. Trends are often thrown out the window and replaced with bat-shit crazy designs and eye-popping pinks and blues. A true Betsey collection just wouldn't be complete without sparkles, pinks, and florals.  And that is why we love her.