September 28, 2010

burberry prorsum spring 2011

You think you know Burberry, but you have no idea. The iconic London label goes so much deeper than the signature plaid and rainboots. Burberry Prorsum is not all about dressing like Paddington Bear, rather, it captures the edgy British street style in one fierce sweep.

The man responsible for the neon, leather, and spikes this season? He's Christopher Bailey and he's turned the Burberry name upside down from a preppy connotation to classic with an edge (case-in-point: highlighter-colored belts and leather pants with a camel coat).

The tough London girl look wouldn't be complete without a studded leather jacket with some leopard in tow. While last season was definitely geared towards the military and sherpa trends, this season is all about the leather and camel. 

Where I'm from, it seems most people aren't really interested in Burberry unless it's blatantly, obviously Burberry (a plaid scarf, plaid headband, plaid handbag, anything that screams "I'M WEARING BURBERRY! ENVY ME!"). Generally, people are like that when it comes to labels, period. Why buy it if the whole world isn't aware that you're sporting a designer brand? Pity, because as far as slick designs and gorgeous tailoring is concerned, Burberry is really one of the top dogs. Christopher Bailey captures a cool London culture that deserves to be celebrated in every collection. With every piece, he makes me want to travel across the pond even more than I already do. 

Take that, plaid!



  1. I was blown away! C.Bailey definetly has outdone himself. AWESOME collection. I dig your header, btw. Really cool!

    Quench Fab

  2. Gotta love Burberry, amazing collection as usual!