September 26, 2010

alexander wang spring 2011

An Alexander Wang collection with no black? Say it ain't so. But the reigning king of cool made his collection just that with lots of white, metallics, and a flash of camel. A nod to the heroin chic days of Calvin Klein, the models appeared to have vaseline on their faces and hair slicked back with white paint. No exuberant hair and makeup (well, as far as fashion shows are concerned) or any bold accessories to speak of, Alexander made it all about the clothes and less about the entire aesthetic. 

He's been called the champion of reinventing sportswear and making it more modern. He incorporates an industrial look, almost utilitarian with the clothes donning straps and boots made for serious walking (behold the treaded hiking, love). His mint green and nude pieces show that Alexander indeed possess knowledge of the rainbow. He just chooses to not always show it, critics be damned. 

If Alexander wanted ethereal downtown Manhattan, he got it. I tend to prefer darkness in my wardrobe, but he proved with this collection that he's capable of going soft while remaining tough. 


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