September 12, 2010

when 'clerks' comes to life

"This job would be great if it weren't for the fucking customers."
-Randall, Clerks

Somedays, Randall, I couldn't agree more. The other day, a girl tried on clothes and left her discarded items in the fitting room. Okay, no biggie. I can deal. Enter fitting room: the garments are suspended from the light fixture. Really, Spider-Man? That took some doin'. I do take it personally when someone goes the extra mile to make my job a little more difficult. It's one thing to trash the room with stuff everywhere - pretty rookie stuff, not too hard to do. But hanging the clothes from the lights? COME ON. There are convenient hooks at eye-level that you don't have to be a Cirque de Soleil performer to use. GOD.

I love my job, I really do. I love our customers, but not when they scale the walls to leave their unwanted items.



  1. girl i cannot agree more! i mostly work fitting room and sometimes i wonder if these people come in just to make my job a little harder. it's okay push through i'm feeling for you!

  2. Haha I am sorry but this made me chuckle. I know exactly how you feel about customers. Though I don't work in retail I have been a waitress for years, and seriously I have some seriously insane stories. Bottom line: people are crazy!

    Come visit!

  3. Funny, I can usually identify so well with your posts. But this one, I don't know, you lost me on this one.


  4. hahaha, i love clerks. and i can't believe someone would hang the clothing from the light fixtures. some people are so weird... and not in the good way.

    Vogue Gone Rogue