September 14, 2010

marc jacobs spring 2011

After having been sick all day, not even that could keep me from watching my favorite designer's spring debut. I dragged myself out of bed to visit the live link to Marc's website sent to my e-mail. It was an invitation, and I'd be rude not to attend. In my delirious state, I had convinced myself that Marc himself had invited me and me alone to watch the show. I still like to believe this is true.

And just like that, I was cured. Vivaldi's "Summer" raced with dramatic violins over the speakers to announce Marc's spring 2011 collection. As several models at a time came out of what appeared to be a circular cave in the middle of the runway, it was clear that shades of orange, mustard, fuschia, gold, and plum were the dominant hues. The models also donned oversized sunglasses and floppy hats complete with giant floral corsages which were very reminiscent of the plastic flowers atop the Lola perfume bottle. In typical Marc fashion, it was very '70s-inspired. The girls looked a great deal like Jodie Foster's character in Taxi Driver with the frizzy hair, kohl eyeliner, short-shorts, wide-leg pants, and platform shoes.  As per usual, Marc gives us little kid-pre-Christmas-giddiness for the next season. 

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  1. Wow wow! The golden hat in the second row of images is stunning! The color palette of this collection is very beautiful. This is sort of strange coming out of my mouth because I'm not a fan of warm tones, unless they are neutrals. I'm looking at my closet right now, and it's all dark, cooler colors like olives and grays.

    Still, one can't deny the beauty I guess :)

  2. He's blown me away with this collection. The rich colors and diva 70s vibe is just what will get me through the winter. Thanks for glorious posting of the collection.