September 15, 2010

marc by marc jacobs spring 2011

It's never a good idea to eat highly-caloric chips and dip while you watch a fashion show. First of all, you get distracted and spill. Second, you see perfect-legged models rocking hot pants. Yes, it's a '70s kind of summer on the horizon for everyone's favorite budget-friendly line, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

The bucket-hat clad models and flashes of persimmon was a youthful contrast to his dramatic sister show the night before. A hip, upbeat dance track had his models (namely Karlie Kloss) dance-walking down the runway, all side pony-tail bounce and flounce of bright striped skirts. Not unlike his original namesake label, orange was all over for this season. The models wore it brightly and boldly on their lips, and the accessories were stark against gray backdrops of skirts and tops. And luckily, the gray and orange combo is not exclusive to just spring and summer. It reminds one of fall leaves and pumpkins, too, not just of eating a dreamsicle on a hot summer day.

For those of us who got a little too zealous with the romper trends of last summer (myself included), you invested wisely. Marc keeps this trend alive by showing some pant-onesies along with some breton stripe tops to keep things classic. 

Just when fashion week starts to get a little too serious and posh at time, Marc Jacobs breaks up the banality in a single show. Watching a Marc by Marc Jacobs show is like going back to your childhood when you weren't afraid to be daring with your clothes and dance down a runway.


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  1. Fact: I'm not even a huge Marc Jacobs fan and I thought this show was killer. Go MJ for making this whole "classic American sportswear" thing that's eating up every runway look just a little less Céline and a little more technicolor-island-escape.